What MORE is LOVE?

What more does it entail to fall in love over and over again?

When I have surrendered all that I had…

What more does love seek to be sacrificed?

When permanence is all that I need

What more does love want for it to be proven to the beloved?

When being ethereal is the only way to keep it alive

What more does love encompass?

When my soul and spirit are soaked in it to the brim

What more does love take to remain undeterred?

When I have weathered the storm of the world so cruel

What more does love change within?

When I have transitioned from being ME to being YOU

What more does it risk to be a lover?

When I have lost myself and dived into the ocean of love.

What more does love desire to become eternal?

When it already engulfs my being forever…

How much more patience does love require?

When I have already given it a lifetime!

What ‘more’ means love?

When you and I mean love itself!!


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