They lived their love!

She was utterly besotted

At the very first sight of Him

Millions of dreams were woven

Within her incandescent innocent eyes

Those dreams would take flight – she had thought

With angelic wings which she always sought

She kept falling deeper and deeper into the abyss

The abyss of love…is what she called it

She loved Him, lived Him and she breathed Him

The ocean of her blooming love was full to the brim

She would sing and dance with joy

As she had never witnessed before

But his thoughts made her feel coy

And she remained in a trance of her own

Unmindful of the World around her

She knew she had fallen in love

In love of a kind that had not yet occurred to her

She waited and waited for Him

She knew their hearts and souls would communicate…Soon!


There He was…unaware of Her love for him

His heart though could feel a magnetic pull

His mind was restless and his thoughts volcanic

He didn’t know that Her love for him had grown so oceanic

He wondered what it was!

That made him love himself more

He was oblivious to what life had in store

The day came when they met

It was as if the time froze in that very moment!

The sparkle in her eyes bewitched him no end

He instantly knew that their souls were to blend

She was his love-soul and he was hers

They were ensconced into each other as ever

They lived, they loved and they breathed together forever!!




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