Embroiled in silence

I am lying awake in my shell
Wondering how the real world would be!

I love the coziness and the silence
I’m afraid of the utter chaos that lies ahead of me

I comfort myself in the darkness inside
With none to offer me a hand by my side

I’ve lowered my armour for I’m safe and sound
I’ve come to parlance with the quiet environs around

I love my own space that I am in
It makes me feel content and calm within

I want to remain oblivious to the storm
And lay still…defying all norms

I’ve witnessed the tremors and tumultuous terrains
My will and energies to live more have all been drained

The stark realities of life have made me fragile
My soul is decaying since I’m almost senile

It hurts to know that I’m wanted no more
I see the waves pass by as I am left alone on the shore

I realise that my world is coming to an end
As I lay awake…weak, fable and unable to defend

I am leaving the world behind as i take on a soulful journey
I wish and hope that i rise above the painful cycles of the life’s tourney!

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