@The Click of Love

@The Click of Love is the sublime and intense love story of the ravishing Diane Dupont, an accomplished French photographer and Viren Kapur, the award-winning luminary of Indian photography. It is a story of their undying love, a love that stands the tests of life and triumphs despite a kidnapping, a legal imbroglio and a near-death experience for Diane! It is a journey of their love – A love like no other!

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About Preeti

A writer to the core, a poet at heart and a creative being! Preeti joined the league of being an Author with her debut novel "@The Click of Love" which gave expression to her emotions and a voice to her words.


Preeti is an innovative and result oriented Communication and PR professional with 11 years of progressive experience in communication, promotion, journalism, public relations and media management.

Communication and PR Consultancy

Preeti has an expertise in Communication and PR verticals. She offers consultancy services and holds workshops on Effective Communiation at various corporates, individuals and educational institutes.

Social Media Management

Preeti has a varied experience of managing and growing the social media channels of various organisations including foreign entities.

Content Development

Preeti has been undertaking assignments in Content Development for various brands and individuals. She has also been writing blog posts and articles.

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