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Preeti Parashar is a Communication Trainer based in Chandigarh and the author of India’s Bestselling fiction romantic novel, “At the Click of Love”. She is a keen learner who likes to imbibe new and varied life skills. Currently working as an Independent Consultant in the fields of Communication, Education excellence, PR and Event Management. She is a communication trainer and assists employees with effective communication in their organization. She has over 11 years of progressive experience in communication, promotion, journalism, public relations and media management.


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Content Development

Preeti has been undertaking assignments in Content Development for various brands and individuals. She has also been writing blog posts and articles.

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Preeti is well-experienced in training and coaching employees, students and faculty of various corporate and educational institutions in developing effective communication and English language skills.

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Communication and PR Consultancy

Preeti has an expertise in Communication and PR verticals. She offers consultancy services and holds workshops on Effective Communication at various corporates, individuals and educational institutes.

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I can help you in different situations


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